Lawn Care Program

Lawn Care Program is the best way to build a health lawn. Many times customer are not aware of the 3 most important steps it takes to having a healthy lawn. Contact Texas Turf Landscape at 972-363-7600 to start your program today. Here in North Texas it gets very hot during the summer and with the current water restrictions, it takes a professional to get the most out of your lawn during the dogs days of summer.

Right now, it is mid August 100 degrees out and your lawn isn’t looking well, you can only water one day per week.  Do you want to green up your lawn now? Call us today, we can help green up your lawn, with the 3 essential steps. It will take your lawn 8 to 14 days to green up. We use fertilizer with special blend mix containing micro-nutrients and iron to help hold the dark green color. If  you follow our custom 12 month Texas Turf Care program your lawn will improve 100% over the next year.

Also, your lawn can be suffering from other problems like grubs or summer weed problems like crabgrass, dallisgrass, nutgrass, spotted spurge. Very soon fall will be here and cool-season weeds will start to emerge. With the cooler than normal season we are having. It will be a very bad year for weeds this fall through next spring.

In September we start apply granular & liquid based pre-emergents to lawns to help block and reduce any weeds from coming up and becoming a big problem in your lawn next spring. This is very important step in getting off to the right lawn next season.

Customer always ask when is the best time to start a lawn care program for weeds or fertilizer. It is right now, in Texas weeds grow 365 days a year. We have formulated a special Bermuda grass, St. Augustine grass, zoysia grass, fescue grass, rye grass program over the years  we come to understand North Texas lawns. With 30 years of combine turf management experience & knowledge. We are 100% confident we can help you with your lawn at a very affordable price point too. Call us today at 972-363-7600 or go to to get started today.

Sign u with us today and receive a summer discount of 25% off entire 12 month program.  Offer expires September 15th, 2013.


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