Texas Lawn Care & Weed Control

Texas Turf landscape  Has Custom Lawn Care Programs for Summer & Fall 

  • Custom fit program to rid dallisgrass & crabgrass
  • Fall Granular & Liquid Based Pre-Emergent to prevent weeds like Henbit & Crabgrass
  • Post Spray Weed Control Spray to avoid weeds like Dandelions & other Broadleaf weeds
  • Post Control Custom Texas Turf Program to rid Rye & Rescue grassy weeds in turf
  • Lawn Insect & Disease preventative 4 stage program

 Summer time can be very difficult time to rid weeds and provide your lawn the right type of fertilizer. Your lawn is starting to stress from the heat. We can provide you with the right type of fertilizer for your lawn and base it on the needs of your lawn right now. We specialize in turf care management and do not apply the same fertilizer to every lawn. We will build you a custom turf & lawn care program that you have never experienced before.

Visit us today at http://www.txturfcare.com to get started.

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